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ABOUT THE Fox + Hound K9 Foundation

Fox + Hound K9 Foundation is a 501c3 K9-focused organization that seeks to assist K9 Teams by providing funding, equipment, supplies, medical expenses, K9 Handler education, and specialty training, for active and retired K9s.

The working K9 programs of our communities are primarily funded by private donations. Our non-profit Foundation provides a secure conduit for your generous and much-needed donations. "Great Things Happen When Great People Join Together" is not only our motto, but we experience it everyday! 

Interested in donating to the Fox + Hound K9 Foundation? We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3), K9- Focused, tax-exempt, organization which means, your donations are tax deductible! Each dollar donated will maximally impact the active and retired K9’s comfort and safety. Our fundraising efforts help support K9 Teams across the nation.​ To donate, click the link below to be taken to an easy and secure donation option.


Our foundation is built on giving back. How we give back is vital in providing safety and care so these heroes can live a long and healthy life. All profits from Fox + Hounds K9 Foundation merchandise goes towards helping active and retired K9s. Your donations ensure our K9s needs are met during active service and that they are taken care of in retirement.

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K9 Handler Application

If you are an active or retired K9 team and in need of assistance, please fill out the application

below so we can review your request.