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Fox + Hound K9 Foundation received its 501 c3 status in August 2022, but we have been giving back to K9 Teams and other Foundations since 2020. We will add our past givings here and share where your dollars are going as we help these Heroes along our journey. thank you for being a part of this Mission. 

"Great Things Happen When Great People Join Together"

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Fox + Hound K9 Foundation is a 501c3 K9-focused organization that seeks to assist K9 Teams by providing funding, equipment, supplies, medical expenses, K9 Handler education, and specialty training, for active and retired K9s. We like to concentrate on the medical procedure called Gastropexy, as we work hard to prevent this potentially fatal occurrence called Bloat

We not only have met the needs for the K9's but we have helped handlers by making a mortgage payment or purchased items like a laptop, lunch for holidays etc. while we are now focused on paying for chipping and gastropexy, we will review each request and consider all needs.


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