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📸 Introducing the newest addition to the Fox + Hound K9 Foundation collection: The Fox + Hound K9 Jakoby Campfire Candle! 🔥🐾


We are proud to partner with K9 Jakoby, a dedicated Search and Recovery Cadaver Dog serving with the Georgia Body Recovery Teams. In honor of Jakoby's incredible work, we have created this special edition candle featuring the captivating scent of a crackling campfire.


With every purchase of the Fox + Hound K9 Jakoby Campfire Candle, you not only bring the comforting aroma of a campfire into your home but also support the Fox + Hound K9 Foundation's mission to assist K9 units in need.


Join us in celebrating the bravery and dedication of K9 Jakoby and all the remarkable K9 officers out there. Get your paws on this limited edition candle and let the scent of the campfire ignite warmth and gratitude in your heart. 🕯️❤️


Thank you for your continued support and for helping us make a positive impact in our community! Together, let's honor K9 Jakoby and all our K9 heroes. 🐾✨

Fox + Hound K9 Foundation K9 Jakoby Campfire Candle

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