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We would like to introduce you to our Fox + Hound K9 Foundation Legacy Candles. This will be a candle that will Honor a K9 Hero to keep their love, memories, and legacy alive.


Please Welcome our 1st Legacy Hero, K9 Muk. It is an Honor that we will be to express an endless devotion to this very Special Boy.


Last March, Muk was diagnosed with a rare form of Melanoma Cancer. Muk is one of the 13 confirmed cases of melanoma developing around the anal gland area. He was given a poor prognosis of 3-6 months.

K9 Muk worked for the Harrodsburg Police Department in Kentucky where he specialized in Narcotics Detection. During Muk's seven-year career, he detected countless drugs that led to many arrests. Muk was an extremely smart dog and totally dedicated to his family during his Retirement. This loving Boy loved everyone, especially children. Muk had a presence that just drew people to him. His love for his mom and dad was beyond measure, they were perfect in his eyes, as he was in theirs.

Muk, you are a Hero, and will always be giving back as a Hero does. We will see you across that Bridge one day! 



Fox + Hound K9 Foundation Legacy Candle K9 Muk


    Fox + Hound K9 Foundation is a K9-focused organization that seeks to assist K9 Teams by providing funding, equipment, supplies, medical expenses, K9 Handler education, and specialty training, for active and retired K9s. The K9 programs of our communities are primarily funded by private donations. Our non-profit Foundation provides a secure conduit for your generous and much needed donations.

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