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K9 tabitha

Finding Inspiration in Every battle

When I close my eyes and think of a Hero...Tabitha is who comes to mind.

Tabitha, the remarkable working K9, captured our attention from the start of our venture. As part of a team dedicated to safeguarding their community and ensuring the safety of incoming and outgoing individuals, she stands out as a beautiful and diligent K9. Witnessing their commitment to giving back to others during off-duty hours solidified our admiration. It didn't take us much time to connect with this incredible team. We forged a friendship and partnered to extend aid within the K9 community, collaborating for the betterment of others.

As many of you know, this beautiful girl was diagnosed with a mass on her spleen and possibly her liver. She had surgery to remove the spleen and the tumor. Tabitha has been recovering at home and she has even been released to go to work and do what she does best!

We have been in constant contact with K9 Tabitha's Handler and here is an update from John.

 "Tabitha is doing well so far, we feel she has beaten the odds. After consultation with Veterinarians, a Veterinary oncologist, and two human oncologists we have decided to give her Chemotherapy starting Monday. As of now, there is no evidence of it metastasizing, her mass was localized in her spleen, and there was no evidence in the CT scan, X-rays, and biopsy of her liver of any spread so far.

The consensus among all the experts we spoke to is she will not live more than 3-4 months without chemo, the cancer she has is very aggressive. With chemo, she should live to the end of her natural life due to the evidence we have as of today.

She will undergo 8 treatments which will be every 3-4 weeks apart, she will have to be on antibiotics and liver supplements after each treatment.

The doctors all felt optimistic that this was the best treatment for her, there was a little difference between the human oncologists and the veterinary oncologist but the outcome and treatment were the same. The thing that put it over the top for me was when a person approached us Sunday at the airport and started asking questions about Tabitha and told us his patients love having dogs visit them during treatment… The whole room went quiet when it turned out he was one of the world’s experts on Lymphoma.

None of this is possible without the support of Fox and Hound K9 Foundation Karen Doss and their donors, they have told us that they will be paying for Tabitha's Chemo treatments. We cannot thank them enough, they saved her life in January and have pledged to do it again."




We are here to help with Tabitha's Medical Expenses and are asking you to help. Your donation will be tax deductible as much as your state allows, and we will send you a 501c3 receipt. If you put your donation anonymously, message me, and I will keep your information private. Please join us in helping us with our Mission to ease the Burdens that fall on the K9 Handlers. K9 Tabitha and her Handler John, mean so much to this Foundation. When you look at the Gallery below, we know you will see why our heartstrings were tugged and we knew we would support this all costs. Please Join Us In Giving This Hero The Life She Deserves!

Great Things Happen When Great People Join Together 

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K9 Tabitha representing the Doberman Pinscher at the Westminster Breed Showcase





JUNE 8, 1-3 PM




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